Father Daughter Relationships
Tips and advice for a positive parenting life journey

Welcome to Father Daughter Relationships! the main focus of this site on positive relationships between fathers and daughters. I'll share tips and some general advice in parenting... You must know, I'm not certified in any way, other that the fact that I have two daughters of my own :-)


My Name is John, I am not a Psychologist, in fact I am not relationships expert in anyway.

But still God trust me enough to give me the responsibility of growing, educating and parenting two daughters. That’s why I believe I could give very good advice in the field of father daughter relationships.

I understand the responsibility bestow upon me and I love my two daughter with all my heart, so I decided I’ll learn as much as I can in order to be the best father I can, and have the best relationship with my daughters.

This is the place where I take notes of important advice and interesting readings about the subject of how to create, fortify and nourish a positive and healthy relationship with my daughters.

I invite you to join me in my journey to become the best father I can and to have the healthiest father daughter relationship.